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Hometown: Columbus, OH 
Pets: NONE 
Favorite tv show: You or stand up comedy
Favorite place to travel: Anywhere mountainous or surrounded by lush greenery 
Favorite food: Vegan nomz, Indian food 
Favorite Service to perform: Lash full sets 
Best part about being in the beauty industry: Transforming not only the clients look but their confidence as well


Brittney Rivelli

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Pets: 2 cats, Dexter and Lucy 
Favorite tv show: One Tree Hill, You
Favorite place to travel: New York
Favorite Restaurant: Coopers Hawk
Favorite Service to perform: Brazilian wax
Best part about being in the beauty industry: Making the client feel the best they can


Mason Leary

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Pets: A French bulldog, Lola 
Favorite tv show: Anything I can find on Netflix 
Favorite place to travel: Colombia; I enjoy exploring new places!
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite Service to perform
HydraFacial and chemical peels
Best part about being in the beauty industry: Getting to do what I’m passionate about everyday and making my clients feel confident & beautiful, as well as getting life changing results!



Favorite tv show
Favorite place to travel:
Favorite Restaurant
Favorite Service to perform
Best part about being in the beauty industry

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